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Welcome, but not much to see here now... Server: Matthew - This site is just beginning to take form and once we're done we'll be excited to show you what we made..  The actual demo may be in a subdirectory.

Matthew Leffler

Upwork Freelancer Specializing in SEO, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Web Design

I've worked at Hewlett-Packard, Gateway and Accenture in various technical roles.
I am experienced with SEO, social media marketing and Adwords and have used Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studios on the 100+ sites I personally built using AWS and Google Cloud.
I have an MBA in Technology Management and an MEd in Instructional Design.  My BS is in Information Technology.
Rank Worthy Content
I also run a handful of sites for my own purposes so I can relate to the client’s goals and perspective. You can easily review several of these sites from my​ site.
It’s important to not only produce rank worthy content and master site optimization but its just as important to understand the measurable effects.
I have used multiple techniques and am always learning and adapting as the environment changes often. I am a white hat minded individual who believes SEO starts with content worth sharing.

I’ve had successes this year with political SEO and am working with referred clients from the previous candidate and campaign I helped. These clients include sitting judges, city council members and district attorney candidates.
While working for a client I was able to move his ranking within the top 6 from the 60s in two months. That same client’s number one keyword was his competitor’s name whom I targeted because he had more name recognition.
Results: One Month Of Work
Another client operating tours in HI has seen these results in just over a month. We’ve ensured titles and descriptions on pages were unique and relevant, we have also limited duplicated content. I began backlinking specific subpages to similar external pages as well as expanded social media site profiles.

Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

I have web host servers in both and can configure Databases, Networking, Storage, Security and more.

WordPress and HTML CSS Bootstrap

I can build a site with nothing more than a text editor but I also understand WordPress and can see the value it brings owners.

SEO Auditing and Backlinking

I've worked to increase client sites ranking and backlinking and have found success.  I increased one clients backlinks by 400 in just a few months moving their Domain Authority from 32 to 40.  My client's site has a 0% spam score.  I focus on relevant domains with different IP addresses. 


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